Past Events 2010-11

A Mid-Winter Walk/picnic & Ritual.. sunday 19th Dec’10, at Richmond Park (SW London).


We gathered at Richmond Train station at took the bus to Richmond Park, meeting up with others. After some `snow-photos’ we began our walk to find the Deer..and it took some doing. Finally we found a group of 5 and stayed in their vicinity, attuning. We also visited the big-bellied Oak (some of us managed to get `inside’ it and toasted glasses of Champagne (Thanks Jinji!).  Much mulled Wine, Mulled Cider, Coffe etc later, we walked to a special Oak and did our Yule ritual, of bringing light forth from darkness! 

Previous Quarterly Special: Windsor Hern Ritual. Saturday 9th April’11.


Way back in April 2005, Hern’s Tribe undertook to do annual Hern-rituals in Windsor great park, for the well-being of the land!. Little did we know, that due to the Pope dying and change of plans, Prince Charles will move his wedding (to Camilla) onto the same day that we had planned.  Well, hey did their events, and so did we- on the same day (not that many people knew about ours!)  We repeated that the following year, and fell into a gap. 2 years ago, HT people went to Windsor again for some `Male mysteries’ workings. And now, in April, we’re going back to Windsor, on the anniversary of our first Windsor-Hern ritual, to keep a promise to Hern. Stangely, we had planned this as way back as autumn in 2010, and a bit later, Prince William announced his wedding to Kate, to take place in April’11.  Question we ask is- do you still need proof that Hern’s Tribe is onto a powerful magical stream connecting old Windsor-Hern myths and the Sovereignty of this land?


HT-PFl Beltane Ritual (28th April’11).Hern’s Tribe continues it’s long tradition of supporting `Pagan Federation London’ (PF London), by facilitating PFl Indoor Beltane Ritual on thursday 28th April’11 (8pm rital start).“Come join Hern’s Tribe in a sensual Beltane ritual! With blessings of Hern, we shall aid the Hero in his quest to win the heart of the Green Lady and dance fertility into the land!  There will be drumming, mask, mayhem, May Pole dancing and much merriment! Hern’s Tribe rituals  are known for re-working fairytales and stories into modern day tribal ritual dramas! “

HT Open Ritual:  A Midsummer Eve’s Dream.   Saturday 18th June’11.


5pm-9pm. Meeting in the woods of Croydon for outdoor magic & tribal time, with Sol-fire, masks, music and more. . Rituals are light and friendly but ideal for interested people who would like to explore our shamanic ways


HT Lammas Ceremony (Richmond Park).

HT_lammas2011Saturday 6th August- 2pm-5pm.    A family-friendly event focusing on the Harvest of grain and our own efforts.

Map ref to meeting point in Park (Richmond gate): Y&Z=110

Meeting point: 1.30pm at Richmond Station, !  Park/ safety: Real Deers & Stags raom the park..!! So dogs on lead please. And small children should be supervised (logs, pits, ponds to watch out for). Its not rutting season, so Stags will be okay…they won;t charge at people! :-). Timeline/ Ceremony: Meet at Richmond Gate by 2pm. We’ll gather and start off within 15 minutes.  walk to a more private woodland area wil take 15 -20 mins.    We’ll do a simple shamanic sacred space set-up with fallen branches by a great forked semi-hollow Oak tree. We’ll have errect antlers & Corn on a ground central altar with ritual food & drinks (no plastic please). After ceremony (20 mins) feasting…and if we have enough corn, make corn-dollies.


HT-_HuntersMoon_ritual-smHT:  Hunters Moon Ritual. Sunday 9th October’11.

Gather at Coombe Lane tram stop (Croydon) at 5pm. We’ll be walking upto high point in Woods to watch Sun-set and Moon-rise. Then return to ritual space for ceremonial fire, socials and a ritual honouring `Hern the Hunter’ and `Diana the Huntress’.


HT_samhain_2011Hern’s Tribe: Samhain Ritual.Saturday 29th Oct’11.    5pm-8pm.Meeting point:  5pm at ` Coombe Lane’ tram stop (From outside `East Croydon’ station, take the `New Addingon’ branch of the Tram line.  Our woods are 3 stops away from there!).    

Due to magical preparations & organising  (we’ll be in the woods), we will be out of phone communication on the day.

HT_yule2011Hern’s Tribe: Yule Celebrations. Family-friendly event. All welcome. Sunday 18th December’11. 2.30pm- 6pm. (Pick-up from `Coombe Lane’ Tram stop around 2.30pm