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Practical considerations

PLEASE wrap up warm. No matter what, it gets cold later. And it’s difficult to do a ritual or enjoy a social (even with a camp fire) when you feel cold! We will be setting up a small camp fire, and also rain sheet cover (also protects us from winds).

Please bring Food & drinks to put on altar and share in feats afterwards. Bottle of wine is ideal.

Bring masks, drums or other musical instruments. be open to singing & chanting. It makes a happy tribal environment 🙂

Our Rituals go ahead whatever the weather. So have faith, and just turn up. It usually ends up being a good happy magical event 🙂

Ritual involves walking through woods with uneven ground. May not be suitable for anyone with walking difficulties.

 `Like’ our page on facebook, and keep up to date, or join London Woodland Witches meetup group’ and attend many of our open rituals.

Guidance for New Comers to our Outdoor Rituals & Events

Travel / Location & Meeting point: This varies, as we meet at different woodlands & parks around London (Richmond Park, Windsor, Epping Forest, Queen’s Woods, Coombe Woods etc). Details will be provided for each Gathering.

Health & Safety: Hern’s Tribe events are small group private events, but open to guests and new comers. Individuals are responsible for their own health & Safety.

Weather / safety Our outdoor events go ahead whatever the weather. Raincoats/ umbrellas, warm winter cloths are important.

Bags: Try to travel light. Bring only what’s really necessary. Please keep valuables with you. But bags can be left on the ground near ritual spot during ceremonies.

What to bring: Please bring some seasonal food & drinks (wine!) to share! a small flask of hot drink (for your self) is fine too. Bring what will make your own experience enjoyable! if you like extra comfort (sitting on the ground) pls bring a small cushion/ blanket etc for your own use.

What to wear: This is an outdoor event in woodland area. Weather can change. Wear sensible cloths/ outdoor shoes. It will be dark when we leave, so bring a small torch-light for yourself. Ritual clothing: You can wear whatever you like- robes, tribal look etc.

Impact on Environment: We try to minimise our impact on the surroundings. These are public woods and other people use them too. When we leave the site after our event, we clean up and leave it without any trace of ritual