Welcome to Herns Tribe

Nothing’s forgotten.. Nothing is ever forgotten..” – Robin of Sherwood

Our Woodland group began with Spring Equinox ritual of 2004 in the woods near Croydon, near South London.  seeking an identity, the group was named  `Hern’s Tribe’  at Autumn 2004,  following the inspirations by the TV series `Robin of Sherwood’ and stories of the Windsor-Hern myths.   Now in our 15th year, we have undergone many changes, additions and departures of regular members & guests, and still meet for each Pagan Seasonal Sabaths.

We are a small closed group, always choosing to do our magical works outdoors in various Woods (Croydon, Richmond park, Windsor, Sherwood, Epping Forest and Queen’s woods). In our early years, we tended to  stay in the woods after ceremonies for the night, and when possible cook our own food on site. However now we save the camping for summer  at Epping Forest, and other places like Glastonbury and Avebury – when we attend festivals.

Our Open Ritual Styles:

We are are known for reworking fairy tales and stories into modern day tribal ritual dramas! (remember the PFL Yule 2009, with Ghosts of Yule past, present future? And what about the Dragons, Eagle & Wren competing at PFL Autumn Ritual in 2010? The fabulous opening ceremony at Beltane Bash 5 yrs ago, retelling what really happened at Garden of Eden?!! Going back even further, we also the Medieval Witches Ball (CoA) Imbolc Closing ritual back in 2004, and the `2011 Space Odyssey’ themed Pagan Federation Conference Ritual in 2004 ). HT also resurrected an old english tradition of `Swearing on the Horns’ at High Gate park, some 3-4 yrs ago. We’ll be doing that again every year.


Many of us have come into Pagan & nature worship, through the path of caring for the animals & environment (that was mine!) And while working magic in nature for our own empowerment, it is absolutely essential to keep the focus also on helping the ecology & environment.. by direct action ..as well as eco-magic. With that in mind, we are making Eco-Magic a `regular’ activity in Hern;s Tribe

Although now predominantly a private magical group, we do hold Open rituals – to share our ideas and ways with the larger pagan community in London.  In the past, we have also facilitated indoor Opening and Closing rituals for Pagan Federation Conference, Witchfest, and Beltane Bash. We continue to do at least one Open ritual every year at Conway Hall for Pagan Federation:London. 

During 2009-2010, the workings of `Green Lady’ as local feminine energies, and a small sub-group `Obsidion’ (Male mysteries) had been explored.  

Most of our open rituals are now publicised through the `London Woodland Witches & Outdoor Pagans’ Meetup group. This meetup (now nearing its 5th year) continues our work started way back in 2004. (Attendance to our private rituals are by invitation only).

Needles to say, Hern’s Tribe continues to this day, and continues to evolve… ! We have an HT facebook page for publicising Tribal matters and open rituals, and a very active and private facebook group – where our active members interact and share ideas and plans.

This website now serves as a record of all that has been before..and that which is to come.

“Nothing’s forgotten.. Nothing is ever forgotten..”